Put On Your Space Suit and Get Your Hips Moving

There are few feelings I enjoy more than getting lost in music. There are some albums that give me the sensation of sinking into another world, another time, or another dimension. In these moments, I can feel free and weightless. I would think that there is no better place to feel wonderfully lost and weightless than the great expanse beyond the limits of our atmosphere. While I am unable to physically reach that far, a recent release is allowing me to get lost in space. Quindar, the electronic collaboration between James Merle Thomas and Mikael Jorgensen, has released their first LP, Hip Mobility, and it’s about to lift you right off this planet.

On Hip Mobility, Quindar has taken sounds found in NASA’s public audio archive and manipulated them into blissful, pulsing tracks that never fail to be both exceptionally deep and fun. These songs feel like waves, slowly building in power, cresting, breaking, and falling, as they carry the listener away from Earth. The combination of playfulness and spirituality contained within Hip Mobility is one that could put an easy smile on just about anyone’s face.

Those that may have seen the early live inceptions of Quindar, or heard the live mixes they have posted on Soundcloud, will recognize a number of the tracks from Hip Mobility as key passages within those mixes. With a few years to polish their craft, Jorgensen and Thomas have developed the core sound of their live mixes into individual songs with greater depth and subtlety. They’ve also expanded their range by adding a few new tracks to their repertoire.

I saw Quindar in a small room at Solid Sound in 2015, and then again in an auditorium at the same festival this summer. While I thoroughly enjoyed both shows, the 2017 was a clear step forward. Hip Mobility captures the work that this duo has put in over the last few years to yield a stellar product well worthy of your attention. If you have a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. The video production used during their live shows takes the immersive sonic experience to a whole new level.

If there is one thing I would change in Quindar’s debut, it would be to make the album flow seamlessly. Each of Hip Mobility‘s tracks stands alone with a clear beginning and end. If it were up to me, I would link these tracks into a constantly moving, breathing piece. On the other hand, you can already get that feeling by listening to some of their live mixes, and this format makes the songs much better suited for throwing into your own playlists.

Put on Hip Mobility and get ready to blast off.


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