LISTEN: When I Steal Your Heart by Josh Mover & The Shakers

Hey fellow music lovers,

Happy New Year! Okay, I know it’s February, AND Dave already wrote the first post of the new year, but I wanted to say it anyway. Dropped in to tell you about a new band, Josh Mover & The Shakers. They’re releasing their debut EP, Into a Ghost, on February 16th, and just dropped a new single called “When I Steal Your Heart.”

The song, like the rest of the EP was written as Josh was trying to come to terms with the end of his relationship. The idea was to write

an anti-love song from the perspective of a psychopath who’s going to take their lost love’s heart, and sell it on the black market.

So in case you didn’t get that, the title is literal, not figurative. He even went as far as to look up how much a heart goes for on the black market (119 grand if you’re curious, yes I double checked that). This song features dark lyrics over upbeat poppy vibes – almost reminiscent of Alvvays – that you’ll groove hard to until you clue into the lyrics, then you’ll still groove to it, but slightly more aware of the content and who you sing along in front of.

The band is celebrating the release of their debut EP with a show at the Monarch Tavern, in Toronto, on February 23rd. Get into this band now, I have a feeling 2018 is going to be good to them!

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