Two Hours Traffic and Rah Rah

To put this into a little bit of context, I went to see a show at Call The Office in London, Ontario on Tuesday. It changed my life.

I first heard about Rah Rah while listening to Sirius/XM’s The Verge (Channel 151). I heard their song “Art & A Wife” and was immediately humming it to myself. I could not for the life of me remember the band, or even the name of the song. To make matters worse, I misheard the lyrics, and thought Art & A Wife was really Vanna White, yes, that Vanna White. Well, I got lucky. I heard the song again, and this time made sure to get the band name and song title, and managed to correct myself on my Vanna White mishap. This led me to go see them open for Two Hours Traffic, a band whose name I had heard, but didn’t know too much about. I know, I know. How very typical of me. Going to see a band I know nothing about. It’s not like I write a blog about new independent music I come across. Having said that, I didn’t know much about Rah Rah either, except for the fact that I liked their one song.

Both bands: Blew. Me. Away.

Midway through the first song in Rah Rah’s set, one of their guitar players switched with the girl behind the drums. Mid. Song. I’ve seen bands switch instruments between songs, and mainly between guitar and bass. This surprised me. They switched places multiple times, as well as the bass and other guitar player switched instruments as well. The one girl who didn’t switch with anyone, switched between keyboard, violin and accordion. There was even a point in their set where they seemed to borrow a trick from Hey Ocean! (or maybe Hey Ocean! in fact borrowed from them) where they used drum sticks to beat on the walls and ceiling of the venue. It is an understatement to say that I was impressed with the musicianship and multiple multi-instrumentalists in this band, not to mention how great their sound was, and how much fun I had rocking out to them.

You know that song you can’t get out of your head? That’s Two Hours Traffic. Since Tuesday night, I have not been able to get them out of my head. A friend of mine describes them as pure happiness, and that, they are. Check out their song “Jezebel” (the song stuck in my head) below, and from there, go listen to everything else, or buy their albums.

Two Hours Traffic has worked and toured with veteran indie rocker, Joel Plaskett. They’re from Prince Edward Island. They’ve been around a lot longer than a lot of people are aware. They have a really nice upbeat pop sound and genuinely seem to enjoy each other, the music they’re playing, and their fans. Really, what else could you possibly want from a band, besides for them to play good music, which Two Hours Traffic does. They’ve gone through a bit of a lineup change in the last year or so, parting ways with their original guitar player, Alex O’Hanley, moving Andrew MacDonald from bass to guitar, and adding bassist Nathan Gill to the mix.

Now while I can’t speak about the band before Alec O’Hanley left, since I didn’t know them back then, I can certainly tell you that their current lineup is awesome. Their new album Foolish Blood just came out last month, and is totally worth checking out.

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Liam, their lead vocalist, check out the interview below.

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