New Stuff from Hollerado and City and Colour

Dallas Green, the man behind City and Colour, released a new track this past week, and: It. Is. Beautiful. Dallas’s soothing voice is one of his trademarks. The song is called “Of Space and Time” and if you lay back and just absorb yourself in it, it really sounds like you’re drifting through time and space and nothing else matters. Dallas also announced a new album set to be released this summer some time. I saw City and Colour live at Osheaga last summer and at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto in September. I’ve never been a huge huge fan, but I thoroughly respect him and his music. Give the song a listen and be sure to pick up the album when it comes out.

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Hollerado, now here’s a band that never ceases to amaze me. I first heard about Hollerado, when my favourite radio station started playing their song “Got to Lose.” When I went to look for the song on YouTube (click for the video), I was immediately enticed by the fact that the entire video was done in one take, and was well choreographed. I found the whole thing quite witty. This led me to check out more videos, and then eventually buy their album Record in a Bag, which, in what I’ve come to see as true Hollerado fashion, came in a bag. Yep, that’s right. A Ziploc bag. Complete with confetti, a tiny version of the album art with a digital download code on the back, and a cool fortune. Not to mention, the packaging for the album that covered the jewel case actually had stickers you could take off. The album itself was covered in suggestions of what you could use the plastic bag for.

This was all well over a year ago. Then, last summer I had the pleasure of seeing Hollerado play a free show in Toronto, and was amazed at their energy and stage presence. Needless to say, when I found out that the band was releasing a new album on February 26th. I was very much looking forward to it. If I were to describe Hollerado musically, I would have to say they are lyrically almost on the level, and quite similar to Bob Dylan, but instrumentally/musically like old school Weezer. But to say that is really to do them an injustice, they are for certain, one of the most unique bands I have ever encountered.

Their new album, White Paint, is amazing, and a great follow up to Record in a Bag. The physical packaging was clearly designed and put together, and then individually painted with white paint. You can feel the texture of tried paint and the album “art” comes through in certain spots.

You can catch a Hollerado live show as they tour opening up for Sum 41 and Billy Talent. They are also playing Osheaga music festival this summer.

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