Half Moon Run at Fanshawe College

Every Thursday at Fanshawe College, there is a music nooner. This past week the band playing happened to be a band I really wanted to see. I knew they were playing in town that night, but was unfortunately booked up. So I got really lucky and managed to see them for free.

Half Moon Run is a band I knew two songs by from hearing them on the radio. They’re a band from Montreal, and consist of four members on stage. All four sang, and three of them played some kind of percussion. The lead vocalist played guitar as his main instrument, the other main backing vocalist didn’t play percussion and simply alternated between guitar and keyboard. The main percussionist also had some sort of keyboard that he played while he drummed, and sometimes, he did all three – now that takes talent. The fourth member only played during certain songs, and I assessed him to be a touring member. A funny coincidence is that the lead vocalist said he graduated from Fanshawe four years ago, small world. I do wish I had gotten to see their full set in town because I feel like I missed some of the energy a proper crowd would have brought to the band, but a great set nonetheless. Their two singles “Full Circle” and “Call Me In The Afternoon” are super catchy. Other notable songs on their debut album Dark Eyes are “Judgement” and “21 Gun Salute.” I enjoyed their set so much, I bought an album, and I would recommend it to anyone. Have a gander at “Call Me In the Afternoon”, below.

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