Osheaga 2016: Who Should You See?

I can feel it in the air folks, another fantastic music festival is right around the corner. Osheaga, one of the most anticipated events for Canadian music fans, starts this weekend, and I could not be more excited. I mean, I finally get to see Radiohead, so that’s a pretty huge check mark on the bucket list. Starting this Friday, we’re in for three full days of incredible music. So, let’s take a look at some of the independent artists that I will be making sure not to miss over the course of this weekend.

Kurt Vile and the Violators

In the mood for some raw, guitar-oriented indie rock? Look no further than Kurt Vile and the Violators. Rooted in the distorted edge of grunge, Kurt Vile combines the stripped down appeal of 90s rock with a bit more of a laid back, psychedelic vibe. Don’t miss their set on Saturday at 4:45.

Half Moon Run

This Canadian crew delivers a form of indie folk/rock that will shake you to your core. Whether it’s the careful, dramatic guitar work or the savage beating of multiple sources of percussion, these guys will have your attention at every moment. You can read what Marc had to say about their live shows here. Catch them on Friday at 7:20.

The Barr Brothers

Some hometown heroes might put on one of the best performances of the festival this year. The Barr Brothers will be playing some folk music that is not afraid to explore. Powerful and delicate, these guys are just made for playing live. They were one of my favourites at last year’s Ottawa CityFolk. They’ll be playing on Saturay at 4:00.


I can’t say I know exactly what to expect from Beirut, aside from a band with a wide array of instruments bringing a unique colour to whatever genre they play. Their older albums lean heavily in the traditional folk realm, but with a distinctly new approach, and their more recent work steers the focus from the multi-instrumental array to a pop arrangement. I’m ready to be surprised at this one. Friday at 5:30 is when to see them.

Busty and the Bass

Another crew of Montrealers, this band packs a mean punch. Playing a bombastic brand of jazz-funk, these guys will have you on your feet dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Go get down with Busty and the Bass on Saturday at 7:15

Some Non-Indie Honourable Mentions:

I cannot wait to see Hiatus Kaiyote on Saturday, don’t roll in late and miss that show. I’m not too familiar with Aurora, but what I have heard has been exceptionally powerful. The Cat Empire are always a fun band to see live.

Don’t forget to check back here after Osheaga to read a recap of the festival. Have a great weekend festival-goers, and remember, hydration is key.

Much Love,



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