There May Be No Leaving Now, But You Won’t Want to Anyway

This Saturday’s Selection is coming at you a day late, for which I apologize profusely. I could rattle off a list of excuses but I know you don’t really care, you just wanna hear all about The Tallest Man on Earth’s newest album, There’s No Leaving Now. Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson wowed us before with his two previous studio albums Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt with his unique voice, beautifully enigmatic lyricism, and his incredible guitar playing. Let me tell you, he has done it again. As opposed to his previous albums, Matsson focuses on confronting one’s own weaknesses this time around, while aiming for a less minimalistic sound. The song that really caught my attention was the third track, “Leading Me Now.” Give it a listen live:

This album adds piano to the usual mix and layers more sounds onto Matsson’s  progressions. The title track, “There’s No Leaving Now,” features lovely piano playing by Matsson himself, showcasing his range of musical talents, and on the fifth track, there’s even some classic country twang. Normally I would flinch at the sound of the steel guitar, but Matsson blends it seamlessly with the guitar, and the crooning solo that ends the song, leading directly into the sad, hopeful piano of “There’s No Leaving Now,” is hard not to love.

If you couldn’t get enough of Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt, There’s No Leaving Now certainly does not disappoint.

Stay gold,


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