The Perfect Summer Folk Song: Port Isla

For my first post I am going start off with a song that has been the soundtrack to my summer drives the past few weeks.

I really loved Port Isla’s debut single ‘Sinking Ship’, a bouncy folk-rock track that was a promising for this up and coming four-some. But what really got me excited was single number two, titled ‘Adventurers’, a more delicate and precise track, nonetheless filled the same beautiful vocal harmonies and catchy melodies that graced ‘Sinking Ship’. Port Isla are a four-piece Folk band from Norwich, England. Started in late 2010 by  two university friends, Will Bloomfield and Stanley Spilman. Adventures is one of the most incredibly infectious folk-pop songs I’ve heard in ages.

I could’t help but realize immediately that they sound a lot like Mumford and Sons. And I like Munford and Sons. A lot. After a few more listens though, I realized that these guys were more that just another M&S or Fleet Foxes, but rather a great addition to the Folk-pop genre. But more importantly, a great addition to my music library!

Highly recommend!

The band are currently working on their debut EP, but regularly release new material which is free to download from their Facebook page

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