Epic Rock For All Your Epic Needs

Howdy folks! It’s that time again! Today I bring you my latest Selection: lastdayshining’s new album The PatchworkReleased on May 14th, this album is hot off the press and ready to amaze you. For your listening pleasure whilst I bombard you with the various great reasons to go listen to this album RIGHT NOW (download it too, while you’re at it) I present “Prelude in D,” the second track on the album:

lastdayshining is a self-dubbed ‘Epic Rock’ band hailing from small-town Jefferson, New York. They are heavily influenced by Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and Sigur Ros, and they definitely have all the best features of said bands. The Patchwork is a versatile album, perfect to listen to while you drive a long way at night on the back roads, for throwing on while you toke and let your mind free, or to put on while you lose yourself in a romantic night with your SO. Whatever the case may be, lastdayshining will give you that epic soundtrack you’ve been looking for.

The 7-song album begins with “Kismet,” an 8-minute song that creeps in with warped sounds and explodes into a triumphant, uplifting march of sorts, as if urging you onward and upward. Up and up the march takes you, eventually plateauing into a dandelion-strewn field of beautiful, slow, layered guitar solos and soft marching drums, which then climaxes once more into a victory song, lifting your spirits higher than you thought it could and encouraging you to keep going. Then in comes “Prelude in D,” an excellent follow-up to “Kismet,” allowing you to bask in the victory of the previous track. The album continues in this way, pulling you towards enlightenment and dragging you down into pensive slow-jams.

Needless to say, lastdayshining’s The Patchwork is nothing short of totally Epic. Check them out on Facebook and download their album on Bandcamp. And if I haven’t managed to fully convince you, here’s one more song to give you a push in the right direction (i.e. downloading their album immediately), “Weight of Our Voices:”

Stay gold, folks!

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