So, uuuuhhhh, wow guys. Just wow.

A lot of bands go through “rebirthing” stages, you know, seems like they’re done for good; but then they come back with an album that’s really highly anticipated and usually leaves everyone disappointed (recent example being Black Sabbath). Well here lies a story of the complete contrary, an album nobody is anticipating and has managed to blow my god damn mind into a thousand pieces. Ladies and gents, I present to you. Sloan. Well known for classic Canadian pop-rock hits such as, Money City Maniacs, If It Feels Good Do it, All Used Up and several more. Kids growing up in the ‘90s and early 2000s fondly remember their parents blasting the bands wicked riffs in the car, but now something far cooler is going down with the dudes from Sloan. For a while nobody had heard much from the band, a few shows here and there and for those who were really in tune there may have been rumours of a new album floating around; but overall pretty quiet…..then WHAM, out of left field; a complete and total transformation for the band. The head bobbing, pop-rock, sing-a-long tunes have been left in the past; it’s a new day for Sloan, a day for hardcore. This new album blew my fucking mind, the Sloan I came to know and love (I even covered Underwhelmed with my band) has now completely changed genres; and I love it. Very rarely does a band totally change their sound, let alone change it and get exponentially better; but Sloan has done just that. Check this shit out!

Like holy shit, this is honestly the best band turn-around I’ve ever seen; and it happens to be one of my favourite bands moving into one of my favourite genres. There is a 7″ album with two original hardcore-punk songs written by Sloan and an album with twelve hardcore-punk covers. I’m not saying you should totally buy the albums, but just go out and buy the fucking albums. It’ll be worth it. Don’t forget to revive some old ghosts while you’re at it!

Next week I present to you a band I haven’t chosen yet.

P.S Fuck yeah, Canadian bands!

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