Why I Wish I Could Speak Portuguese, Or, The Perfect Summer Album

I was hunting around the Innanet this week for some tasty musics to tell y’all folks about when I came across Esses Patifes.  Created by Brazilian producer, songwriter, and singer Ruy Sposati, under the name Ruspo. Esses Patifes (“These Crooks“) has created its very own genre: tropical lo-fi, and it is in-fucking-credible. It won me over immediately with the perfectly orchestrated opening track, “Filomena:”

It’s impossible not to feel joyous when listening to this song. Or the entire album, really. I’m currently on vacation down in Florida and I can’t think of a better album to drive to the beach to, which I have done on several occasions already (yeah, you wish you were me). Esses Patifes exudes sunshine, happiness, exotic flowers, and the scent of summer nights. Not only is the music brilliantly, concisely crafted, but Ruspo is reminiscent of Yo La Tengo (albeit Brazilian and more upbeat), which wins mega-points with me.

Even the story behind the album makes you feel all gooey inside:

“The 14 tracks on the album were crafted on the road, in hotels, Indian villages, temporary houses and rooms, a borrowed computer, with real and software instruments, along with samples and loops. Launched in April 9, 2013, the album – described as Tropical Lo-Fi – is the first Um Distante Maestro Discos release.” (Source).

It’s practically impossible to get more awesome than that. So, folks, I implore you to check this dude out. Maybe if I link to his Bandcamp some more you’ll be more inclined to go download his album. Here, have another song to convince you:

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