A Dazed and Dreamy Rendition of the Undeniably Catchy Tune

The return of Daft Punk was/is one of the most hyped up musical events of the year. And as the hysteria gets more and more ridiculous (because let’s face it, who isn’t talking about it?) I wanted to shed light on this cover of “Get Lucky” by London-based band Daughter, recorded this weekend on BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge. I’ve never heard a cover by this band I didn’t like and rather than stick within limits of their genre, they often branch out into the pleasantly bizarre.

This song sounds nothing like the original (for me, that’s a good thing). Slowing the tempo and elegantly shaping the arrangement, the track takes on a dark, chilly air and synth-heavy soundscape, but that catchy beat and chorus is kept pretty much intact. Lead signer Elena Tonra’s voice is erotic and patient, giving the track an irresistibly human quality. Whether you like Daft Punk’s new album or not (for what it’s worth, I’m mixed on it), you have to love the impact it has on music; that’s evident on this track.

If you like this you should also check out Daughter’s new album If You Leave. It’s dominant and dazzling, along the lines of Bats For Lashes or Feist.

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