Intense and Passionate; Lights and Motion

Friday Fixation: Lights and Motion’s Reanimation


Sit back, relax, and add some passion to this lovely mid-June Friday with the sounds of Lights and Motion. This intense music, along with all the instrumentation, comes from the mind of Swedish composer Christoffer Franzen. His project was previously known as Aerials, which had a more upbeat rock sound compared to the ambient post-rock of L&M. I would take a moment and listen to a couple of of rock songs on Soundcloud, especially “Too Many Of Us” if you are so inclined. He then signed to Deep Elm Records and began creating music under his more appropriate and captivating name, Lights and Motion.

On his Facebook page, he lists his influences as Explosions in the Sky, Coldplay, and Sigur Ros, all of which are fairly evident in this album. I would even consider the first song “Aerials” (Clearly a shout out to his roots, Go to 1:10) as a tribute to Explosions in the Sky as he plays a portion of the build-up rift from “Your Hand In Mine” (at 6:08). With that in mind, listen to the song below and enjoy the upbeat drums.

Keeping with the comparison train I find myself on, I found the acoustic guitar strumming pattern in “Dream Away” to be representative of an early Coldplay. The violin found scattered throughout the song was an extremely pleasant addition to his vocal work. My favourite part of this song is after the emotional build-up, when we arrive at the gratifying transition at 4:20 which completes the song quite nicely.

Slight comparisons aside, Christoffer writes some unique tunes that I was glad to add to my daily playlist. Very thought-provoking and emotional music indeed. There’s nothing quite like those epic 10 minute long songs which can be found in great abundance on this ambient album. Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!

– Karly D

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