Screechy, folky goodness.

So every now and again there comes some group who squishes genres together in the most perfect of ways. The Taxpayers are such a band. Cold Hearted Town, released earlier this month, has to be one of the coolest combo genre albums I’ve heard in a long ass time. Maybe it’s how Danielle screams her heart out, maybe it’s that weird folk/jazz feel you get from the actual music, or maybe it’s because the shit is just plain awesome. Here’s a flavour.

I dig, you dig, she dig, we all dig. I think it’s safe to say that those vocals are some of the coolest pretty well ever. Unfortunately that is the only song that’s up on YouTube right now, but as a sweet alternative; here’s their Bandcamp page!

That way, you can buy the new awesome album AND check/purchase the stuff they have made leading up to now. Anyhow my friends I’m off to find even cooler bands to supply you with. Until then live long and rocksper.

Your ever loving companion,

A wadded up napkin.

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