Matt Corby is Australia’s Jeff Buckley and Here’s Why

Matt Corby began his career at age 16 on the Australian version of reality TV talent show Idol in 2007. In 2009, he independently released his debut EP “Song For…”” before moving to London and signing with celebrated UK indie artist collective and label Communion. This runner-up of Australian Idol is proving himself as way beyond that of the talent show teen of his recent past. Corby has previously been compared to legendary artists such as Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.

His new track “Resolution” is one of his strongest yet; a reggae-tinged back beat setting the rhythm for the 22-year-old’s sandpaper-fine vocals and the band’s blissfully regal chord progression. The Resolution EP (with two more tracks and a bedroom demo of the title track) arrives July 16 while the digital single is currently available on iTunes. It’s a promising taste of what audiences can be expecting from his forthcoming record.

The delicate acoustic-folk warmth of the opening verse of “Resolution” soothes the listener into a serene security but systematic piano wrapped up in a soundscape of guitar, drums and layered vocals make this a treat for the ears and the heart. Vocally, during the verses Corby’s tone is tantalizing, soothing and innocent, whilst during the chorus he changes gears into something much stronger, flavored with roughness. Once you fall into the thick of the track, it’s hard not to feel the emotion and soul that Corby musters into his delivery. It’s a pretty special thing.


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