Werefox – I AM MEMORY

i can’t tell you how i found slovenia’s werefox because honestly i don’t remember. it’s… it’s the internet, man. let’s just move on.

if i seem breathless, it’s because even though this band seemed to come to me almost literally from nowhere, they totally fucking destroy.

listen. it’s been twenty years or so since the nineties, which means the hype machine is in a sense obligated to pay lip service to the music that defined that decade. and if you’re talking about rock ‘n’ roll in the nineties, you’re probably talking about “alternative” rock, an occasionally infuriating genre tag that encompasses everything from vertical horizon to shudder to think (bonus tip: if you think you know “alternative” rock, think again). despite the actual diversity of that genre, however, if i tell you that werefox sounds like the best of nineties alternative, you couldn’t be faulted for immediately thinking of the usual suspects: nirvana, third eye blind, smashing pumpkins. and you wouldn’t be wrong.

but listen. there was so much shit going on during the nineties. especially in the early part of the decade, when the labels were signing every off-kilter rock band they could get their hands on, there was a proliferation of sounds we probably won’t ever see again. if you turned on MTV’s 120 minutes in 1991, you were just as likely to find blur or ride as you were the replacements.

so when you’re feeling nostalgic about the nineties, remember curve. remember the cranberries. remember the sundays. remember lush. remember velocity girl. hell, remember the muffs.

and for the love of god DOWNLOAD I AM MEMORY BY WEREFOX.

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