Youth Lagoon.

Trying to figure yourself out (your morals, what you identify as, who your friends are… etc) are impossible some days… well trying to figure someone else out is just as hard. But here I am, page after page deep into researching a man by the name of Trevor Powers. If his real name doesn’t do it for you his stage name is Youth Lagoon.

There did I ring any bells yet? Maybe not because he’s fairly new to the scene… only releasing his first album (The Year of Hibernation) in 2011, but now his latest album has exploded and caught many people’s attention on Youtube.

So, here’s the low down on this eccentrically spunky man we call Trevor Powers… or at least this is what I found out about him. Powers isn’t a man who knows himself inside and out… and his music helps channel his fears, thoughts and feelings. Rock on, I find that many people find out who they truly are by the music they listen to… I can relate to that. He’s got a funky fresh taste for 90’s clothing or anything paisley really… so he’s kind of like a modern-day hippie. Not a hipster. I didn’t say hipster. Well maybe just a little bit.

And here’s what I know about his music… It’s a feel good ride right from the start. Definitely dive into this album with an open mind and love for modern-day synthetic pop.
All I know for sure is that he makes some awesome tunes and you should check him out if you’re needing to be enlightened.

Here is his latest single, Mute by Youth Lagoon.


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