Matt and Kim’s Most Entertaining Music Videos!

Today’s Therapy: Matt and Kim’s Lightning

A special thanks goes out to writer Hilary for the introduction to this lively duo from Brooklyn. I spent a little extra time this week looking into Matt and Kim’s live performances and from what I gather they put on a very energetic show which incorporates the crowd, turning the night into another awesome house party. In a tour documentary about Lightning, I got some insight into who Matt and Kim are and it’s pretty funny seeing how awkward Matt can be, especially when he covertly sings to his fans outside the venue (3:31).

I’ll admit that I’m not really a fan of this kind of music because I find it a tad repetitive, but I found most of the band’s biography and videos to be very entertaining. Having said that, I do really enjoy the next two songs I’ll discuss. First off is “Let’s Go”

I find this song extremely suiting to the one-take-only music video, which probably wasn’t too difficult for Matt and Kim (getting paid sit in the background!) nor for Pat the Roc as he is known as one of the world’s greatest dribblers. He really proves he can do anything with a basketball, along with my personal favourite at 1:49. His control is mesmerizing.

Another excellently choreographed video is for the song “It’s Alright” where the duo shows you their late-night moves in the bedroom. The video speaks for itself.

Hope those videos brightened up your night, here are a few more from their former albums including M&K stripping in Time Square and M&K having a good ol’ fashioned brawl.

– Karly D

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