Mutton chops and beautiful music? I’m in.

I know I’m supposed to give you guys your fix of Friday punk, but I simply couldn’t help but put this guy up here. Everything about him makes me sad, he should be huge. He writes some of the nicest things I’ve ever heard. EVER, it’s pretty easy to relate to the topics too (at least I find it’s that way). Mr. B.A Johnston is from Peterborough, writes some pretty righteous music and puts on one hell of a live show. I’m going to toss up something from his most recent album “Hi Dudes!”, secondarily it shows his stage presence.

Like, how the fuck anyone comes up with a song about McDonald’s coupons is beyond me. How they then make it a catchy and easily enjoyable song is even further out of my realm of understanding. He also sings songs about douchey guys, shitty beaches, video games, librarians, Sesame Street, lawn gnomes, warped tour…….I’m sure you get the point.

This guy has so much music for your ears to hear, all you need to do is listen. Check his website for his music and other news about his stuff.


I don’t even know anymore.

P.S He’s totally going on a HUGE Canadian tour soon, check if he rolls into your town on it when he puts the schedule up. If he does, I beg you to go watch him. It’s like $5 at the most and chances are it will be in someone’s living-room. SO worth it.

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