Hey, it’s The Front Bottoms! (yes, that means vaginas)

As of May 2013, the New Jersey (great area for music) based badn “The Front Bottoms” released their fourth full length album, and my goodness it’s a doozy of an album. I like to consider these guys The Weakerthans of America (two bands mentioned in one post. YEAH!), mainly because the style of Brian Sella’s singing reminds me so damn much of John K. Samson. Also acoustic guitars and fun electric parts, but less of that stuff and more of the actual album. From saying goodbye at the beginning of the album to using fun dance riffs to drive some fun parties, this auditory experience will leave you satisfied. Here’s a song from the album.

I really like that song a lot, and as a musician I appreciate the heck out of the line “Maybe we can find something for you to do on stage, maybe shake a tambourine or when I sing; you sing harmonies”. That shit had such feelings attached to it, I LOVE IT. More love sounds form the album.

I’m going to give you a bit of advice for right now, go ahead and buy this album. It’s $9.99 on iTunes, but there are physical forms out there to purchase as well. Regardless of form, it’s a worthwhile investment to make. So make it.


This guy.

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