Circa Survive Goes Indie and Self-Produces Violent Waves

Today’s Therapy: Circa Survive‘s Self-Released Album Violent Waves

After sifting through the all newer album releases I read about and listening to a few on youtube, it was Anthony Green’s vocal melodies on “Suitcase” which hooked me in and made me listen to the album in its entirety. I appreciate the backup vocals in this acoustic version very much.

Circa Survive left Atlantic Records to self-produce their fourth album Violent Waves. They headed back to the band’s cabin. “In October of 2008, the band acquired a cottage-like house that bordered a stream and a nature preserve. They called it ‘The Creek House‘ and in one of its rooms, with a large picture window looking out into the world, they wrote nearly every day for several months”. So to everyone on a label out there, try to convince them you need a cabin for your artistic creativity.

This Philly band has a remarkable drummer, Steve Clifford, who got his first drum set at the age of 12 out of the garbage. Steve’s work is complex and always changing, adding very nice triplets here and there while showing off his control. The fourth tune off this album entitled “The Lottery” portrays his talent accurately, as long as you can rock out to some intense guitar and vocal work. Also matching the control of his instrument, Anthony’s voice has a slight raspy tone which was probably developed from all the screaming he did in his former band Saosin, listen to “Sleepers“. The rest of the album is worth checking out if you’ve liked anything you’ve heard here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a listen to “Imaginary Enemy” off a previous album if you liked the acoustic music video up top.

– Karly D

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