Jane’s Party

So, if you haven’t picked up on it by now. I kind of have a thing for bands with alternating lead vocalists and who play musical chairs with their instruments, and of course vocal harmonies. Well, in a very tiny nutshell. That’s what Jane’s Party does.

Their most recent album, Hot Noise came out June 4th, and it’s an album that might not be entirely workplace friendly, unless you’re planning to throw down some dance moves at your job. (Disclaimer: Neither Jane’s Party, this blog or myself, are responsible if listening to this album makes you throw down some awesome dance moves at work and you subsequently lose your job.) You can buy this fantastic album by clicking the album art below.


The opening riff to “Palm Reading” is relaxed, catchy and something I could see myself zoning out in a crowded room too. You know that “movie moment” when the main character is standing in a crowded room and all of a sudden everyone and everything disappears except the main character, the band playing and the crush of the opposite sex? That’s what I feel when I hear “Palm Reading”. Actually, let’s get more specific than crowded room. Try high school gym on prom night.

The single from the album, ” ‘Til You Got Yours,” a rich track, with a harmony-heavy chorus. Listening to this track is like when you order a piece of chocolate cake, it’s not big, or small, but pretty average looking, then you have a bite and your brain explodes at how amazing it is, but after a few bites you’ve barely had half, and you already know that it’s so rich, you won’t be able to eat again for hours, but it’s so good that you muscle through how rich it is, because you know it’s worth it.

“Hot Noise (Part 1)” is what happens after you finish that piece of cake. You sink into your chair and mellow, slipping in and out of consciousness. A great and much needed feeling. Of course, just like the metaphor I’m going with here, with “Loose Ends” you’ve digested your cake, and the sugar has hit, and you hop out of your chair and go nuts. The horns and backing vocals on this track are great.

I think “Hideaway” is hands down my favourite track on the album. The weird thing about it though, is I’m not sure why. It doesn’t have a super catchy riff of any kind, it’s not lyrically profound. But it’s blissful, and sometimes, that’s the only reason you need.

Catch Jane’s Party in Moncton on July 17th at Plan B; in Ottawa on July 19th at The Rainbow and in Toronto on August 2nd at Dora Keogh Irish Pub.

In the meantime check out these two videos for Hot Noise and ‘Til You Got Yours live from Jane’s Party HQ.

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