Sara here, with the more of those Thursday Therapy tracks for you. I’m always on the search for that feel good vibe to share and keep myself in the best of moods. Sometimes, though, it can be the weirdest tunes that have that feel good effect on me. For example, the latest by oOoOO, a post-industrial/dark wave musician has just released what I refer to as “the next car commercial song”… seriously this track gave me chills. I could see the car rolling down a street lit only by the street lights, reflecting off the black windows, very sleek and suave. The driver taking fast turns and clutching the shift. 

It’s just Chester Dexter in his most amazing form.

It really blows my mind how this ordinary guy from San Francisco blows the scene as an outstanding producer, like talk about just a couple of talented people making some music that may or may not ever make it big. But here’s to hoping they do because all musicians deserve a chance.

And a chance to make commercially successful music out of someones basement or garage is something to be passed a long.



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