Caitlin Rose – knows the secret to living…


Thursday, again, huh?

To make your Thursday even more delightful I have found the most wonderful artist, she goes by the name of Caitlin Rose. Now you’re probably noticing a trend in my posts, all the artists I write about are new to the scene and myself. There is no real reason for this other than I like to discover new artists and sharing is caring, my friends.

So I’m doing my daily site checking this afternoon, trying to find a new artist to write about, and I come across this name… Caitlin Rose. That sounds lovely, I think to myself so I click-through and already I love her from the clothes she’s wearing in the picture. Super cute and vocals that make you want to curl up in your favourite sweater… I’m not batting for the other team or anything, but Caitlin Rose could seriously change my mind about that.

Ok – so she’s not exactly new to the scene, having been previously in the indie band Save Macaulay, but when that ended in 2007 she finally set out on her own. Rose’s first complete album, Own Side Now, had a very cinematic feel, from the last puff of that cigarette to the characters that walk the streets at night in New York City. Caitlin Rose has a way of telling tales, but in her latest album she reveals that she had more fun living through the songs rather than having lived them.

From track to track I realized, dang, this girl really knows how to live.

The compilation of songs Rose has written for her latest album varies from male to female, young and old… but focuses mainly on the understanding of relationships from all walks of life. Listening to this album makes me feel very emotional (not in a weepy and sad kind of way) but it moves my feelings. I picture many of these songs and the people whom it may be about and I feel for them. I think ultimately that was Caitlin Rose’s goal all along and she captured it beautifully.

Check out this awesome NoiseTrade East End Session with Caitlin Rose, and a carefully hand-picked group of musicians to back her up.

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