Lillian Todd Jones Tells Us The Meaning Of Life

Today’s Therapy: Artist Lillian Todd Jones


Happy Thursday everyone! Today we have the wonderfully talented Lillian Todd Jones who has been throwing out a couple songs on her soundcloud over the past year. What originally caught my eye after cruising through soundcloud was her portrait, which reminded me of those Cystic Fibrosis awareness posters hung up in the Metro System for the past year (Montrealers know what I’m talking about). Either way, I’m glad I decided to stop and listen to some tunes because listening to “Passion Fruit and the Meaning of Life” really spiked my day up with joy. That strum pattern and that full acoustic instrumentation with her FlorenceAndTheMachine-like vocals makes for a great combination. Not to mention that the production value of this song is incredible, just make sure to listen carefully to catch the synth in the chorus and the fun extras like the tweeting birds.

Another fantastic song, if not a little creepy, is “Butter Soul”. So prepare yourself.

So that just happened. How do you feel? I feel great! The camera work was very well done, inciting a horror-movie feeling by making the character’s movement at 0:29 choppy (or what looks like was filmed and later sped up and slowed down to create the effect). When we reach the dinner party, we see how much fun it must have been to record. I’ll post her profile picture so you can get a sense of who Lillian is. My guess is hysterical considering she claims to be from Middle Earth with photo-evidence.

Unfortunately for us Lillian just finished her 5-show tour, but she has one more show listed on her website for September 28th in Worchestershire for the Ringmaster Festival (Will there be lions?!). So if you’re around the area, check out the festival’s line-up.

As always, have a relaxed Thursday!

– Karly D

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