The Death of Indie Music Machine and its rebirth as The Indie Blender

THAREALLOGOA wondrous “hello!” to all of our amazing readers, family, friends, independent artists and groups.

Was that too long of an introduction? Hopefully not. Allow me to give you a brief history lesson. Back in February, I started this blog as a class project. All we had to do was blog, the topic was up to us. For me, picking independent music was a no-brainer. When the project was graded at the end of March, I recruited a friend, who recruited some of his friends, and then I recruited some more friends, and the blog kind of took off.

Back in June, we got an email from an already existing Toronto blog with a similar name, telling us that our existence had been brought to their attention, and they thought it’d be better for both blogs if we changed our name. Despite thinking our names were different enough for us both to co-exist, we decided choosing a new name was the right route to go.

Now, we know you’ll ask: “That was in June, it’s August now, what took so long?” Well, choosing a new and unique name, takes some serious time, and then coming up with a new theme, and designs, and all of that also takes time. But we’re really happy with what’s come of it, and we have some really big plans for the future.

So if you’ve linked to us, please change the link to, and go find us on and @theindieblender on Twitter.

Tell all your friends and keep supporting independent music.


Marc and the gang from The Indie Blender

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