Do you like acoustic? If you said “no”, you’re lying.

Hey folks, Jake here. I’ve been on a two week long hiatus, I’m sorry about that (technology can be a big asshole sometimes) but fear not I still love you readers. Enough of that shit though. Let’s get to the music.

As it should be pretty obvious at this point, I have a HUGE soft spot for British artists. Straight up, it’s unhealthy and frankly I think it may be affecting my hygiene. I also have a small soft spot for acoustic music. So naturally, mush those two things together and well…..I gotta run to the washroom for a bit if you catch my drift. It’s a wonderful combo of things and few do it better than Beans on Toast. One man and an idea. The dude sings about anything you could have an opinion on: drugs, politics, oil, war, religion, Angry Birds. “Wait, Angry Birds?” you say. Indeed my friend, Angry fucking Birds. Hey, everyone needs to be a little silly every now and again.

I picked this album up on a drunken music searching bender, and believe me when I say that’s one drunken night I don’t regret. “Fishing For A Thank You” is one of those albums you buy, forget about, then remember one day and realize that it’s amazing. He covers so many ideas and real life situations that you start to wonder if he’s actually several people and not just one man. Trust, he’s one guy. Fun folky beats, acoustic guitars, banjos, horns, the catchy sing-along bits and all around a good feel makes this album a perfect hangout playlist (don’t forget about that lovely British accent).

Look at him, I mean just look at him. Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t grin while watching that. He’s just fun, and so is the entire “Fishing For A Thank You” album. I’ll supply you with his website, please support him. He’s a great dude who writes great music and he totally deserves more attention than he gets (maybe that’s why I’m writing about him).

It’s good to be back and I will see all you lovelies next week.

– Jake (HOLY SHIT)

P.S Here’s the link

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