WTF is Zoogma?!?!

If you are into the festival scene like I am, you may be asking yourself WTF is Zoogma?? For the past couple of summers, their bright green stickers reading “What The Fuck Is Zoogma,” have been placed all around music festivals. This marketing scheme is pure genius as it entices those who see the stickers to go see the band, usually playing a set super late at night. I went to go see them at Camp Bisco 2011 in New York, after first seeing their little green sticker. I had no idea what to expect and I loved it! I just saw them this year at Camp and was still really into it!


Zoogma is a live-electronica band based out of Oxford, Mississippi. They combine live music with a DJ and live sequencing. It is really hard to classify their music. Zoogma mixes up anything to electronic, to hip-hop to sort of smooth jazz with an edge. Whatever it is, it’s great!

Every time I have seen them I am impressed. Their playing is always on point and it’s just a good time. Justin Hasting and Brock Bowling have a good handle on the improvisational guitar work. While the whole band is playing really well, Matt Harris always seems to be killing it on the drums. Harris and Bowling also both mix the live sequences, while Ryan Nall keeps a steady bass line and plays the synthesizer. Their music has a heavy rhythmic foundation, live improv and fun danceable beats. The 4 of them are creating interesting music for their listeners.

Check it out here!

They bring a tremendous amount of energy whenever they play a show.

The band is all about giving their music away to the fans for no charge! Zoogma is trying to spread their music to as many people as possible and giving their music away is just another way to say thanks. Recreational Vehicles (2010) and the Wet Hot American Mixtape are available for free download here.

Check out Incredible Machine off of Recreational Vehicles.

Here is M10 from the Wet Hot American Mixtape…a very heavily sampled track.

Zoogma has been touring relentlessly for around 3 years now and have finally taken enough time off to record their second album, Anthems 4 Androids. They are doing something a little different for this upcoming release. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Anthems for Androids. As starving musicians, you can’t except them to give everything away for free! This campaign offers fans different incentives depending on how much is donated. Some rewards include being on the guest list for a year, music festival passes, signed merch etc.. I for one am excited for this album.

Zoogma not only has some crazy music, but also a crazy light show. Their light rig is perfectly set up and displays shades of every color in the rainbow. The lights flow well with the music; if the music is getting intense so will the lights! Their live music along with their light setup usually seems to put me into a hypnotic trance like state! It’s awesome!

In the words of Zoogma “We recommend headphones and an open mind!

Check em out!

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