Forget about winter, fall is coming & so is brand new Sam Roberts Band…


Thursday’s Therapy post is brought to you by Mother Nature and her weird ways of saying “Fall is coming”. Now let me further explain that… I live in Southern Ontario, not really the kind of place to be over-effected by global warming, but just enough for it to feel like October in the middle of August. This recent cool air has made me pull out some of my favourite sweaters and tea mugs, not complaining though, I have also dug out my fall playlists. Which, is a lot Sam Roberts Band oddly enough.

So when I got half way through Collider, I remembered a tweet from Roberts way back in the early months of Spring…

Sam Roberts 1

On that note, my first reaction was to log onto all music sites and see if there has been any news… to my dismay there was nothing new to report. Only reinstating they have been in the studio and it will be released, how coincidental, in the fall of 2013.

I’m not going to claim I’ve been a fan of his since his first album, because I haven’t, however; I did enjoy the singles that I heard on FM radio just like anyone else at the time. For me the winning ticket was after watching the 13 episode documentary called National Parks Project, which three artists (of any kind) traveled with a filmmaker to 13 different National parks in Canada. Their mission was to make a short film on the park to celebrate Canada’s 100th anniversary of the National Parks of Canada system. Sam Roberts, along with Kathleen Edwards, Matt Mays and filmmaker Hubert Davis, traveled to Manitoba and hunkered down at Wapusk National Park. I can’t recall what month they were there, but I tip my hat to anyone who can sleep in a tent only a couple of meters away from real roaming polar bears.

Yep, that must have been it for me. It didn’t take long for the toe-tapping to start, his music has a way of making you feel good and it’s one thing I am looking forward to in his new album.

When I did catch on to Sam Roberts Band I of course brought myself up to speed with all of their past albums, including their first EP, which in July was re-released on vinyl… I know we got vinyl loving readers, so check it out here. And if you’re wondering, did I fall in love with Eileen like everyone else? Yes of course I did, but it was fun piano in Taj Mahal and Roberts telling me The Canadian Dream was S.O.C.I.A.L.I.S.M. when I really sunk me teeth into this enjoyable and lively band. I’d like to think that even though I wasn’t listening to it when it was hot of the press I still managed to get everything out of it that the biggest Sam Roberts Band fan would get.

And that’s what I’m hoping to get out of his next album. With only a few things known about this album it reveals to be quite the mystery… but I have found a taste of what to expect. Right here. Just click it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a live recording from May 25th of 2013 at Echo Beach. The song, Human Heat, is said to be on their album coming out in the fall. Funny thing, about that date… May 25th, that’s the day after the band tweeted this…

Sma robertsWithin 42 hours of recording the final session for the new album Sam Roberts Band performed a song from said album, could this mean we’ll be expecting it as a single? Perhaps.

This one track, this one little taste of something we can’t have yet, was enough to satisfy me… It was exactly what I wanted to hear from Sam Roberts Band. Their current sound is still so true to their original sound and Sam Roberts writing has always been so deep yet so easily relatable. If you’re wondering what my all-time favourite songs are then I will share… to be completely honest I’m a fan of all their work, but Partition Blues and Tractor Beam Blues are my all-time favourites.

I guess the feel-good, leave your worries at the door, kind of sound is what I’m hoping to hear out of this album. But the amazing instrumental work in Collider can give the cheerful vibe a run for it’s money… For example, I Feel You has such a raw guitar that to me it almost sounds like I should be dancing in front of my boyfriend only sporting feathers and sequined pasties. Yes that was a burlesque reference people (to the strip tease, not the movie). But when all is said and done predictions on an album is next to impossible, so I guess we’ll have to patiently wait to see where Mr. Roberts and band take this album musically.

Until then, I’m off to find some peacock feathers and purple sequins…

I’m totally kidding.

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