A Relaxing Night At The Club

Today’s Therapy: Club 8’s Above the City

And another Thursday passes by, so enjoy the rest of your summer and listen to a beach tune. This is “A Small Piece of Heaven” to get you in the relaxed state for our therapy session. Today I chose Swedish band Club 8 to add a spaced-out soundtrack to my week. Formed in 1995 from the previous band Poprace (nice song here), this electronica indie pop duo have released 8 albums to date and I cannot wait to add them to my ever-growing music collection. Granted I prefer Club 8’s older music since over the years their sound has evolved from a chill-out vibe to a more club/dance sound. The newer tunes have a well thought out drum beat and single-picked bass notes. Here’s a great example of this style with “You Could Be Anybody”.

Karolina Komstedt has fantastic control of her vocal chords, being able to hit and sustain the melody while maintaining the calm tone. Another song I recommend off this album is “Run” where Karolina really shows her talent with the melody in the chorus. Gotta love those ooooo’s and ahhh’s, and in this case ehhhh’s (Thanks for the shout out Sweden, we love you too).

A great way to find new music is through a long related-video train on youtube. I discovered Club 8 after starting the search with “It’s Okay” by Land Of Talk (fantastic video, check it out) and passing through “Lust” by The Raveonettes. You should check out these other listed bands as they have a couple songs with a similar style as the first song of the album “Kill Kill Kill”. Side-note for the jammers out there, all three of these songs are in Ab minor, so jam away the day and hit some sustained bends!

Please check out the album in its entirety, it’s very well put together. And I rarely say this, unless I’m talking about Pink Floyd of course! Have a great day everyone.
– Karly D

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