Tom George: smooth, acoustic and…….British!

Look at that beautiful jaw line.

Look at that beautiful jaw line.

So, it would seem I’m going to be the guy who covers British bands/artists as this is now the third consecutive post of a British musician (and chances are next week’s will be too SPOILERS). I don’t mind it though, I love those mother fuckers with their accents and whatnot. Moving forward now, a wonderful dude who goes by the name Tom George has pumped out a totally righteous and very somber single dubbed “Sharks”. Frankly, I love it; I think it’s amazing simply because it totally blends some of my favourite sounds into one wicked awesome song. His voice reminds me a little of Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree (I know, more British band references. Give me a break) and the guitars sound almost like an acoustic tune that Billy Corgan would write. Don’t let me try and describe it to you though. Experience the magic for yourself.

I’m sure you’re understanding what I mean now yes? Good, glad we’re on the same page. If you enjoyed that slice of coolness, this fellow also has a full album on Bandcamp for you to buy. “Jake, should I buy this album?” Yay I say, you should go that way and buy the god damn album. I liken it to hearing Paul McCartney sing some lovely songs about, well, several things really. Tom’s voice is so pleasant I found myself getting totally lost in the album and before I knew it, the album was done and I was sad. Good thing we’ve got the ability to listen again! In all seriousness though, it’s so easy to lose yourself in the album that by about 20 minutes in, I wasn’t sure what song I was on; they all just blend so nicely. Personal favourite song: Womankind. Check it.

Sorry for not being very punky this week guys, but I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. Until next week friends (which will be much more rocky)

– Jake

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