The Track’s Titles Tell A Tale: The 1975

Today’s Therapy: Self-Titled album by The 1975

It’s been a while since our last session and I’m glad to say that things have finally settled down from this stress-inducing, moving cities experience. I don’t know about you, but I could use some therapy to get my mind straight again. It’s all about the perfect routine, creating a great state of mind.

Ah, but how can I complain about 3 weeks of work compared to the many years that The 1975 have been writing and slowly releasing their music at random punk shows. From the Label “Dirty Hit” we have an energetic indie-rock/pop/electronic/80’s-style band from Manchester. Formed in 2002, vocalist Matt Healy and the rest of the band write about their years as young adults covering the classics about sex, love, and intoxication with their own spin. The 1975 have been playing concerts for years now, yet they refused to release a full-length album until they were satisfied with all of the content. This apparently worked for them since they topped the Scottish and UK Charts. I’ll run you all through a couple songs that I like to use as pick-me ups when I’ve run out of coffee/tea halfway through the day.

First of is one of their singles “Chocolate”. Enjoy bumping along with the ever-flowing guitar rift which keeps the song progressing through a catchy chorus. I’ll throw up the lyrics video, since I don’t particularly enjoy watching the official video (Click there if you enjoy an art-sy video in a boy-band style without the dancing).

Next, we have a well-received song entitled “Robbers”. What I enjoy most is the vocal work, which is pretty impressive as Matt shows off his sustain, his range, as well as some screaming at the most intense parts of the tune. The background music contains a slower drum beat while the guitar-work uses some well-timed bends with a faded effect.

As a final note, it’s nice to check out the album’s track list. I feel like a scandalous story could be made using all of the song titles. So here’s an attempt:
The 1975 –> The City –> 12 –> Girls –> Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You –> An Encounter –>  Talk! –> She Way Out-> Menswear –> Pressure –> Chocolate –> M.O.N.E.Y. –> Robbers –> Heart Out –> Sex –> Settle Down

I’m pretty satisfied with that, have a great Thursday everyone!
– Karly D

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