Another Polyvinyl Records Success, Come Check Out SSLYBY!

Today’s Therapy: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s Fly By Wire

A very joyous Thursday morning everyone! Today we have a soft acoustic band from Springfield, Missouri who has been around since 1999. I figured I would get to this band eventually since they went on tour with Two Door Cinema Club back in 2011. If you feel so inclined, check out one of my first blog posts about Two Door here. SSLYBY had a great start up with Philip Dickey’s lyrics and Jonathan James’ degree as a recording engineer. Also they set up their own studio in Will Knauer’s home, which really let these guys focus on their music, and I’m glad they did!

Let us dive right into some songs with this incredibly relaxing tune “Ms. Dot”. A great drum introduction combined with well-chosen single picked guitar chords and a dreamy vocal tone from Philip make this song one of my many favourites on the album. I particularly enjoy the smooth transitions between segments and the two guitar lines at the end of the song.

And they do it again with “Loretta”, getting me with the simplistic background guitar but solidifying my love for Loretta with the very amusing second guitar’s rifts and solo. The subtle step down from the high pitch notes to the lower pitch melody at 1:13 keeps me coming back for more.

By now you should really just listen to the whole album, so I’ll give you a taste of the more electronic song they released entitled “Harrison Ford”, which reminds me of a Death Cab guitar near the beginning. I’m glad they threw in some violin and woodblock, very entertaining.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully this added some joy to your morning.
– Karly D

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