It Takes All Kinds (To make it in this world, I find)

Let me start off by saying that this album, It Takes All Kinds (to make it in this world, I find), is so good that it’s distracting me from even writing about it. I just want to keep replaying it over and over, and Just Breathe is my absolute favourite song at the moment.

Don Brownrigg‘s album is an excellent find I scored yesterday from work and I’m not sure what it is about this album, but I feel like it’s exactly what I needed. Sometimes, the feeling of summer fading away and fall coming makes you gloomy, but you accept it, right(?), because this time of year feels like that. Brownrigg’s album successfully fulfills that gloomy feeling I get this time of year and I know it’s going on my playlist immediately – that is once I get that damn laptop back from my S/O.

Right from the get-go the album title made me want to pick up this album and check it out, and I was lucky enough to grab an advanced copy. The artwork on the cover also captured me. Don Brownrigg is the lead vocalist and multiple instrument player, Daniel Ledwell on Horns and again, multiple instruments. Benn Ross on drums, Zac Crouse on bass guitar and many more other talented artists playing instruments, making noises and etc.

After listening to the first and second song I was hooked, completely taken back by how relevant these songs made me feel. The first had amazing piano that I fell in love with and Don’s vocals are really complimenting to the overall tone of the song, which I enjoyed immensely.

The second song, Just Breathe, I was in love with by the first hit of the snare drum (or is it drum brushes, I’m not good with my instruments so give me a break). This slow number really puts a comfortable and soothing sound on the autumn vibes you get around this time of year, and it’s more enjoyable when you’re on a forest path with your comfy mittens and scarf, just breathing in the crisp air. That’s where my imagination takes me while listening to this song, unfortunately I’m stuck inside and it’s almost the middle of night. But don’t doubt that I won’t do exactly that, probably this week, multiple times.

Also let me just add, the use of drum brushes is an instant winner in my books, they’re so soothing to the ear and they’re all kinds of romantic in my opinion.
The other particular tracks that stood out to me were, How Are You Supposed To Know, a beautiful slow song with a sensational chorus that sticks in my head all day long. I think I’m Leaving Halifax is also a great tune that follows How Are You Supposed To Know, the funky Western whistle is ironic to the fact he’s singing about Halifax to me, but I get it and I relate to it. Another song that struck me was The Swing Song, it was fun and had a Parisian feel to me, which added that much more of genuine vintage feeling. Fight For Your Castle is the perfect album closer and it is a wonderful song that call me crazy, but it makes me believe chivalry and romance is not dead.

I am a sucker for this album it’s true. But if you can relate to this and you get all gloomy in the mists of autumn then It takes all kinds (to make it in this world, I find) is the album you’ll want to listen to for the next little while until, dare I say it, the blustery cold winds of winter intrude our warm and cozy houses.

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Oct. 19 – Montreal, PQ – Quai Des Brumes
Oct. 20 – Wakefield, PQ – Black Sheep
Oct. 23 – Toronto, ON – The Supermarket
Nov. 09 – Edmonton, AB – Royal Alberta Museum
Nov. 16 – Winnipeg, MB – Folk Exchange 
Nov. 15 – Saskatoon, SK – Village Amp & Guitar
Nov. 20 – Toronto, ON – Hugh’s Room w/Jadea Kelly 
Nov. 21 – Hamilton, ON – Pearl Theatre
Nov. 23 – Wolfville, NS – Al Whittle Theatre w/Jenn Grant 
Nov. 28 – St. John’s, NL – The Ship
Nov. 30 – Halifax, NS – Bus Stop Theatre

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