Band Tee Mercredi: The Indie Blender Staff Collage

Hey guys! We’re kicking off something today called Band Tee Mercredi (which is French for Wednesday for those of you who weren’t aware). Every Wednesday we want you to wear a band t-shirt, take a photo in it and send that photo to us! You can Tweet it, email it or post it on our Facebook wall. Be sure to include a brief story on how, when and where you got it. At the end of each Wednesday, we’ll pick one and feature it on our website until the following Wednesday.

If you don’t get picked, send a picture in the next week (if it’s the same t-shirt, make sure it’s a new picture). Have multiple band t-shirts? Wear a different one each week. Doesn’t matter if it’s not an indie band, although we’d certainly appreciate it if it was!

In a band and modelling your own t-shirts? That’s cool too! Let us know who came up with the design!

Here’s a collage of some of our writers (and friends) wearing their favourite band tees to kick off the very first The Indie Blender #BandTeeMercredi

band tee mercredi

We’d like to thank the JUNO Awards for inspiring this idea.

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