Howl At The Moon With The Moondoggies!

Today’s Therapy: The Moondoggies’ Adiós I’m A Ghost

Welcome to tonight’s session of late-night therapy… It’s as interesting as late-night Teletoon and hopefully less awkward. While on my weekly “who to write about” journey, I stumbled across a band with a familiar name. During my last year at McGill I had been attempting to jam with my professor’s band called MoonDog (Full Album Pink Floyd covers, what more could I ask for?). Suffice to say, I at least get to sing and play with The Moondoggies at home!

Having released 3 albums to date, this Seattle band plays timeless tunes with a blues style. Their instrumentals include a Rhode’s Organ with the classic rock band’s bass, guitar, and drums. I’ve also heard them being compared to the Byrds, as well as The Band, but you’ll have to judge for yourself.

And there it is! The reason I found this band so intriguing, besides the exceptional song writing. The common link here is Phil Ek, an American record producer who helped record some of my favourites, such as: Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and even a couple of The Shins records.

Another favourite from Kevin Murphy’s (lead singer) solo endeavors is a live version of Stop Signs. You’ll have to buy the album if you want to listen to the equally amazing album version since I can’t seem to easily find it online.

Thanks for stopping by tonight, see you next week!
– Karly D

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