Bringing Back The 60’s Instrumentation With The Pastels

Today’s Therapy: The Pastels’ Slow Summit

Welcome back readers! Are there any flute or brass-work enthusiasts out there? That’s right, today I step away from the classic four piece rock instrumentation and add some excitement to your day with The Pastels.

This beautifully crafted album has more than a couple songs I’d love to talk about, but we’ll get into that in a second. To begin, Slow Summits definitely stuck true to its name since their last full album was released back in 1997. I’m sure it was a steady climb with all the musical intricacies found within. Stephan McRobbie and Katrina Mitchell combine the 60’s sound and a bit of jazz in this album, stretching even further from their original punk sound from back in the late eighties. To start off we have Katrina taking the lead vocals this time around with “Kicking Leaves”. Love that violin, just fantastic work guys.

Appreciating Katrina’s drumming as well as Stephan’s voice, we have “Night Time Made Us” found below.

Unfortunately, I could not find the title track online but you need to find Slow Summits and enjoy a 7 minute-long instrumental tune which combines everything you’ve heard above in one fantastic collection of brass instrumentation.

Have a great day everyone, thanks for stopping by!
– Karly D

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