OD’ing on Overdoz.

Okay, keeping with the hiphop themed posts i’ve been making this fall i’d like to wrap up October by giving you all the best present ever – Overdoz. [SKIP TO 1:19 4 DA SONG plz!111223] [-_-]

Let’s take a step baaaack from philoso-rap and old school beats. Lets cut down on heart aching sincerity and the purity of street style. Instead lets go eclectic, edgy, hazy and funny. Think OddFuture but less bratty. DasRacist but more potent. Gambino, but less angst. Let me lay on your fine ears some of the freshest stuff i’ve heard all year. L.A. collective Overdoz is brilliance packaged in comedic nonchalance, wordplay submerged in marijuanna tinged backbeats, flow presented with ease. These boys are smart, but their not going out of their way to let you know. Its up to you to identify it by taking note of their talent. At first glance songs about woman and weed seem mundane, but therein lies the genius of Overdoz. The college-boy laziness of the characters they portray in all their songs works to express more than just an attitude of “we don’t actually give a shit”, but it seems to also suggest that such strong talent and wit need not dissect particularly heavy topics to showcase strength. Overdoz is fascinating because they’ve actually mastered their craft fairly early, and they’ve done it through not taking themselves too seriously but still managing to showcase a oddly sensual beauty in their production, an existential complacency in their songs about choosing between love and weed. Their silly but sophisticated.

I’m sort of shocked that these guys havn’t blown up. Their cropping up here and there, featured on an A$AP Rocky track (Pain), they’ve also collaborated with Kendrick on another track (seen below) two years back, but still. They should be the next big thing. Their distinct, modern flavor speaks to the new era of hiphop – one where the lines between genres are more blurred, the topic of the music in question has a wide space to pick from, and the rappers themselves need not be hardhitting kids from the hood or G-unit-esque ballers. The boys of Overdoz are racially diverse city-dwellers. Their younger, hipper, and all about chilling the fuck out. The energy they create whilst rapping together is less of a statement about music or a ‘fuck you’ to the man. It’s more of a situational dialogue about their current lives, episodic narratives about their run-ins with girls and substance.

It just began snowing in Calgary and I’m burning all the Overdoz songs I can find onto a cd (because my car is a piece of shit, I like to pretend I live in 2001 where I put hit music into a mix cd and I lost my Ipod connecter device two years ago). November is going to be all about listening to Pasadena in the night when the flurries hit. I’m not exaggerating when i say that I think I might have found a new addition to my hiphop top 10 list. Overdoz hits a really perfect sweetspot for me. Its hard not to get obsessed. Here’s their latest video that just dropped a few days ago.


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