Breakbot’s Back Baby!

Today’s Therapy: Breakbot & Irfane’s Bedtime Stories Mixtape

For the Bestime Stories Mixtape, click here. I wanted to send you to a link which also contains the time-specific tracklist so you can figure out the names of the songs you’ve heard before.


Awesome, a new Breakbot release which means I have a legitimate reason to write about this mixing wizard! If you’re not familiar with Breakbot, then today is your lucky day Disco/Funk lovers! The seamless transitions make Breakbot’s mixtapes last the full 45 minutes without the listener questioning his art.  In this mixtape he mashes my favourite funky oldies with his album By Your Side. Make sure to check out this collection of optimistic love songs because it is sure to brighten up your day.
“Happiness is only a mile away, but maybe we can walk together”

Well I’ve treaded with Breakbot since I heard the Valentine Mixtape three years ago. I won’t go into much detail here, BUT the valentine mixtape is just the funkiest 30 minutes I’ve ever heard. Be sure to check out a link to it down below. It combines the much of the Undercover Brother soundtrack with many, many phenomenal bass lines in the smoothest way possible. I couldn’t suggest a better way to spend a half-hour, seriously.

Now that my minirant about how I like to spend my Valentine’s day (for life!) is over, I’ll get back to the other reason I landed on Breakbot this week. Perhaps a bit of background is in order though. Thibaut Berland is most known for his short film with Damien Ferrie and Oury Atlan entitled “Over Time” which won Best Graduate Film in 2005 in Ottawa. The animation follows the life of puppets after their Master passes on, and how they cope with it. It’s surprisingly beautiful for a bunch of partying Kermit dolls. Click here for the animation.


There really isn’t much more to say about this specific mix, just have a listen and judge for yourself. The only question you need to ask yourself is which mixtape did I enjoy more?

Valentine Mixtape Here:

Enjoy the tunes my funky friends! I’m so glad I got to talk about this amazing artist,
– Karly D

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