“New” Songs From Older Albums

Today’s Therapy: Karly D’s Choices

Do you ever listen to an album, get caught on a couple songs, listen to those on repeat, and completely forget about the rest of the album?

As time passes you experience more of life and change ever so slightly. This opens up new avenues and new emotions allowing you to connect with those forgotten tunes. Well today we revisit some of my old posts from the past six months and listen to a couple new tunes.

From Taking It Slow to Always On The Go
If you recall, the Two Door Cinema Club post was all about the slowly building songs off of the album Beacon. Well most mornings could use a nice pick-me-up lately. “Wake Up” easily comes to mind and has been a fantastic morning song, great with a cup of coffee before the long work day. Kevin Baird gives us another funky bass line, helping you climb your way out of bed and off to the subway.

Dinosaur Jr.‘s “Almost Fare” always came to mind when I wanted an upbeat, head-bobbing rock song, but lately I’ve found myself listening to the lost tracks from FoalsHoly Fire, specifically “Out of the Woods”. Yannis Philippakis writes about lost friends causing him to lose a part of himself in his own mind. This thought is reflected in the month-old music video below as a female who has been suffering. A victim of her mind, which forces her to think about her past mistakes.

Which brings me to my next mini-topic:

Ronald Jenkees speaks about the ever-changing lifestyle as he writes an instrumental jam about “7 Times“. The melodies created within really instill a sense of nostalgia and time lost at the beginning of the song, which later switches into an acceptance and uplifting feeling when he adds the extra part of the song just when you think it’s over (From 4:30 on-wards).

I’ll leave you with a similarly built song: Bankrupt by Phoenix. WARNING! The Bling Ring spoliers in the Video.

Have a great Thursday everyone,

– Karly D

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