Band Tee Mercredi: October’s Best

band tee mercredi

From all the submissions we got for Band Tee Mercredi during the month of October, we picked Spencer and his Hollerado T-shirt.

Here’s his story:

“I went to go see Tokyo Police Club in Burlington and Hollerado was opening. I didn’t really know them but their show was unreal. I met Menno after the show and he was severely drunk and we were trying to convince him to come play Oakville. Bought the T that night, and he never did play oakville. the bastard.”

We’re changing how Band Tee Mercredi works a little bit. We still want you to wear your Band Tee’s every Wednesday, and take photos and send them to us with a story of how/when/where you got it. But instead of featuring a new one each Wednesday, we’ll pick one at the end of each month and feature it until the next one. So get those band t-shirts out and start submitting!

spencer hollerado shirt

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