King Pin, not just bowling.



I’m a big fan of the underground music scene. BIG. The smaller the venue, the better. I save my best for the basements and living rooms of random houses, for the backyards or the garages of “the next big thing”. Given that, I feel like I automatically have to love KING PIN. It’s like they basically play strictly basements and small bars (two of my favourite things), and I am more than psyched to see them perform their CD release show on November the 8th. These guys are TIGHT. I’m normally not a fan of the fast beat drums and single chord progression guitar sound but these guys nail it. Their EP has frequently been on repeat for the past while just because I NEED to know how they do it. They take a genre I dislike and make me enjoy it. Maybe it’s the songs under 2 minutes (a love of mine) or the cool echo vocals that go on. Whatever the hell it is, they managed it. They made an EP that I can love. If you’re in the London area, you should check them out at any given chance; it’s worth it.

Check their stuff kids:


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