Exceptional Guitar Playing Brought To You By Plini!

Today’s Therapy: Plini’s Sweet Nothings

Time for some instrumental tracks! This four song EP, released on October 11th, was an excellent addition to my virus-like expanding music library. You ask a friend for some artist suggestions and then you end up doubling your library. I suppose a new age example would be like transferring your Kindle files via dropbox to your friends, no more tangible libraries.

First start by listening to this song “Away”, containing some nice tapping guitar and a thumping bass:

Okay, awesome, now that should spark your interest! What caught my attention this time was the very beginning of the first tune “Opening”, which has similar instrumentation to an endless sporadic’s “Impulse” (Guitar Hero shout-out), except there’s no simple power chords here, just smooth endless guitar riffs.

Back to the band at hand, just sit back and get lost in “Tarred and Feathered” below, an incredibly well written tune with soothing harmonics. You can really appreciate the interwoven guitar lines made by their four guitarists as they take you through a web of melodies creating that lost-in-my-own-thoughts feeling.

If you head on over to Plini’s Bandcamp, they let you download the album for free! Of course support your favourite bands so that they can continue making great music. Here’s a link to their older album, Other Things as well as their soundcloud. Many epic songs can be found there.

Have a great Thursday evening everyone!

–          Karly D

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