Funk You

You can’t stay popular forever, and most celebrities and music genres know that. But just because something isn’t popular doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t forge ahead, putting your heart, soul and everything you have into something great. As I listen to the smooth, cool vibes of Aloe Blacc, I’m realizing that today’s musical landscape is rather lacking in some truly funky stylings. And no, I don’t mean cheesy, sparkly, glitter-funk. I’m talking the gritty, greasy hard funk that just doesn’t show up as often as it should. The kind of funk where the bass slaps thump around your skull for days, where the primal pounding of the drums rattles your torso, and the bouncy, sharp guitar fills in all the gaps in just the right way. That brand of funk feels awfully rare these days. Enter the Lipstick Junkies.

These fresh Toronto fellows are no strangers to the city’s scene. They’ve been playing shows all over since 2008, when they were the six-piece known as Kilroy Was Here. But, people have lives and plans aren’t always set in stone, and by the beginning of 2012, the band had lost half its members. But that didn’t stop guitarist and vocalist Greg Babinski, bassist Brian Davis and drummer J.R. Tomlinson from becoming the Lipstick Junkies, and putting all of their time and effort into creating a funky force to be reckoned with. I got the chance to have a small chit-chat with these guys about their influences, shaping their sound, and the inspiration for their name, among other things. If you’d like to listen to my undeveloped, early interviewing skills, then do so below:

I also had the pleasure of listening to the Junkies perform two brand new songs which you may or may not hear in the near future. Packed to the brim with energy and style, Davis’ aggressively thumpy and rich basslines blend effortlessly with Tomlinson’s straightforward, yet energetic and head-bobbing drumming. To top it all off, Babinski’s sharp, rhythmic guitar style, along with his slightly snarling, yet passionate singing round out the mix, amounting to a huge and heavy funk sound that’s full of style, feeling, and the fattest of attitudes. Take all of that and incorporate some good, powerful rock melodies and that pretty much sums up the sound of the Lipstick Junkies.

Be psyched about the Junkies, because the gentlemen let me know that their debut LP is in the works, and based on what I heard it’s shaping up to be a refreshing dose of the sweaty, energetic, heavy funk we so desperately need these days. Listen to the spacey, bubbly jam of Meow From Mars and get stoked. This isn’t the last you’ve heard of these guys.

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next week. Keep it real and keep on keepin’ it real.

– Brad

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