Action Bronson & Party Supplies are back for Round 2!

Blue Chips 2

Let me begin baby my name is Bronsolino is how we start off to the excitement of Blue Chips 2. Action Bronson has been a busy rapper, with constant touring and recording, Action Bronson is arguably one of the best in the game right now. Still without an official major label album release Action Bronson is still able to turn heads and send people to download his mixtapes. Usually a sequel of anything falls short to the first. The best of example I think of is Speed 2. However, Bam Bam destroys Blue Chips 2 with his great flow, smart word-play, and chemistry with Party Supplies. As Bronsolino puts it “this is a man’s sport”, and with tracks like Through the Eyes of a G, Flip Ya, and Rolling Thunder, Action Bronson proves that he is the Billy Hoyle of rap. What kills me is the pop culture references in this mixtape ranging from Allen Iverson’s classic “Practice” speech, all the way to Rey Mysterio, Muppet Babies, and Elaine Benes. What is amazing his artistry and his nimbleness rapping over different types of samples ranging from “Pepe Lopez’s” Tequila by The Champs, “Man and the Mirror’s” Portuguese Love by Bah Samba or even rappin’ over African Jazz. We have to show some love to Party Supplies as well. The production and sampling is great ranging from artists such as Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Isaac Hayes. Party Supplies brings the fun into this mixtape bringing in a bunch of musical influences. Action Bronson and Party Supplies definitely have the best relationship. Bam Bam has worked with many producers such as The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, and Statik Selektah. However, both artists work well together bringing a yin and yang to the game. If you haven’t already downloaded Blue Chips 2 I recommend it and get other Action Bronson tracks while you’re at it too. From the kitchen to the studio, Bronsolino excels at everything he does.

Full Abum Stream Here:

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