Indie Rock Was Born in a Basement

Nothing says “indie” like the crackle of guitar-bass-drums-vox from a 4-track EP recorded in someone’s basement. idiot son trajectory artThere is something about the honesty of lo-fi. It has a way of charming me into believing it. There is no studio interfering with what these musicians try to do. No record label, no producer, no pandering. It’s raw, unadulterated self-expression. In a basement in Brooklyn, three dudes calling themselves Idiot Son recorded a few tracks, and put themselves out there. For those of you who want something grungy, Trajectory of a Nod is a great way to get your head thrashed.

Idiot Son’s debut EP combines slow-rolling riffs, dissonant chord-smashing, and plenty of static distortion. While the guitars do a fantastic job of cutting through your ears and shredding a few good solos, the bass provides some smooth and mobile figures and the drums let you know what to do with your head, but the vocals carry this EP more than anything else.

It’s the slightly self-deprecating style of singing that makes me connect with this band. The vocalists’ slightly out of tune stylings go a long way in giving these songs character. Whether singing a nice melody or yelling into the microphone, I feel like I can picture the people behind the music. And really that’s what garage rock is all about.

We’ve all been to Idiot Son’s stomping grounds in our own cities. We’ve all been to those basement venues, where you can’t hear everything the guys on stage are playing, but all you need is the energy that pours from a few shitty amplifiers. Trajectory of a Nod will put you right back into that mindset, but with just the right amount of intricacy in every moment to keep you coming back.

Trajectory of a Nod marks a beginning for Idiot Son. I, for one, cannot wait to see where their road leads. For now, head over to their bandcamp page and get their EP for whatever price you want!

Much Love,


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