Dovetail Ascends Mount Karma In Search Of Rock Gods

Today’s Therapy: Dovetail’s Mount Karma


Winners of the John Lennon Song Contest in 2012 with the opener song “Julie”, Dovetail rereleases Mount Karma with OK! Good Records during the last week of October. Taking a look at this contest here, I see that they award a whole 72 songs! Where the first place winner receives 20k, 24 runner-ups awarded with 1k and 72 finalists receiving 100$. It also states that the submission does not need to be produced since they are looking for originality and melody. Keeping in mind your judges are Sean Paul, Fergie, and a couple other artists that I really don’t care for, except Bob Weir. Go Grateful Dead!

Getting back with Julie, I appreciate the dissonance at 2:30 and I find myself hanging off of every piano key struck. Have a listen below.

Following this up with “Hurricane”, which is my personal song of choice off this album, Daniel Creamer’s sustain and interesting vocal tone combined with the fastball-style piano lines at 1:10 accurately displays his talent. His brother Philip Creamer and friend Scott Lee throw in phenomenal guitar melodies and bass lines shortly thereafter.

Nothing like a chill breakdown, speaking of which I am going to take the rest of the night off and listen to this album a couple more times. But before you head out today, check out another artist from OK! Good Records by Donots, “Stop The Clocks”.

Have a great night everyone!
– Karly D

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