Lazer Beams and Robots. Oh nope, it’s just Lovely Killbots.



Are my first thoughts when I saw this CD for the first time, and I wanted to listen to it so bad. Partly because I thought about Grandma’s Boy with Joel David Moore playing “J.P.” when he’s all wants to be a robot. Also because a synth pop two piece boy/girl band is awesome, how could I pass all this up? Exactly, so enjoy the tracks that I’ve thrown together for you, some of my favourites and honorable mentions. Please indulge in the rest of the album!

Lovely Killbots is a synth dark pop band consisting of Ryan on drums and Lauralee on synth/piano/vocals. Their album Once Smitten

Track 2 – Matters

Reminds me of Crystal Castles, but harder. Lauralee’s vocals are harder and it makes this track dominate. It’s a great track to buckle down and go, whatever life is throwing at you right now put this track on. Indulge yourself in this album basically because it revs you up.

Track 3 – Time For Change

But actually? This song is great, hands down I’m putting this on my iPod immediately. I love the synth, give me more Lauralee, you’re flawless on this track. Need I say more? Just listen to it yourself šŸ™‚

Track 5 – On My Pillow

The synth was perfection and the overall beat is superior. I love the lyrics, once again Lauralee’s voice is impeccable. I notice a strong influence of Emily Haines and I really enjoy it, I think it’s flattering to her and it really works for Lauralee.

Track 7 – Boys on Buses

a fun slow dance-along-to king of song, with a beginning that gave me chills and I adore the piano that comes in near the end. The lyrics tell a pretty sad story, but it’s sounds so romantic coming from Lauralee.

I was surprisingly overwhelmed by this album and quite shocked when I found out it was released so long ago. I wanted and expected more, it’s 2013. I need my robotic music fix. Oh what – who said that? Back to what I was saying! The honorable mentions include Big Beat and Hello My Dear; definitely two worth while tracks.

I don’t know what else to say about Lovely Killbots, they’re the perfect and they posted on August 20th of 2012 to their website and I quote: “brb…”

So far they have not been back. Heartbreak.

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