Band Tee Mercredi: The Concert Ticket Giveaway Edition!!!

Welcome, Ottawa audiophiles, to a very exciting version of Band Tee Mercredi. The kind folks over at NAC Presents The24thStreetWailershave given us a pair of tickets to a show in their fantastic concert series, so listen up, there may be free live music in it for you. Allow me to introduce you to the artists in question: The 24th Street Wailers!

Here’s a bit about the band, taken from their website: “The 24th Street Wailers are a band that break all the rules. Lindsay Beaver is a firehaired gut bucket singer/drummer who fronts the band, who at first glance are anything but the norm. Emily Burgess on lead guitar may appear to be shy however her playing is both thoughtful and explosive. Saxophonist Jon Wong is a second generation Chinese Canadian who is a modern day version of a 50′s Rock n’ Roller. Rounding out the group is Lindsay’s Husband Michael Archer, a country boy at heart that turns his Harmony bass into a sound so big you’ll feel it in your soul. They truly are one of the most original and exciting bands on the scene today, the quartet quickly developed their tight grooves, unadulterated live show, and original repertoire in the three years they have been together.” Dave’s sidenote: There’s nothing quite like a pretty lady shredding a blues solo.

Ah, but just like every contest we can’t give tickets to everybody, so here’s what you have to do to win. First you must dress yourself in your favourite band tee, or other form of band clothing. Second, you must have a photo of yourself taken with said piece of band clothing. Third, you must write a quick story about the show at which you purchased the piece of clothing. If it is band clothing that does not come from a concert, you can tell us of an event that somehow revolved around that band in you life. Finally, you must email the photo/story (, twitterify it (@theindieblender), or post it to our facebook wall. The person with the best photo/story combo will receive two tickets to see The 24th Street Wailers courtesy of the NAC.

The 24th Street Wailers will be playing January 25th, which is a Saturday, at the NAC’s Fourth Stage. For those of you who have never had the good fortune of seeing a show in this room, it’s a small, intimate space with absolutely exquisite sound quality. The contest starts today, you have until next Wednesday to submit your photos, so get on it people!

Much Love,


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