We Are Wolves: La Mort Pop Club


We Are Wolves are a Montreal-based indie rock band, and I wouldn’t lie to you so you’ll just have to trust me… these guys have a wicked sound. If you happen to stumble upon their website, you’ll see a play option – I suggest you do so and sit back to enjoy Snake In The Sand. Their album La Mort Pop Club came out early 2013 and is simply one of my favourite rock albums of this year. The first track you demo is a lighter one compared to the second and third, but it catches you with it’s mesmerizing tune and the promise of good rock still being made. We Are Wolves are saving rock, one good lyric and drum beat at a times ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for them to be heard!

The second song that comes on, As The Moon Sets, is a heart racer and gets you in the mood to rock, if the night is young turn this up and get ready. A mix between The Strokes and Wolfmother, for me it’s transcendent and I believe We Are Wolves are on to something with this sound.  It’s dangerous and fast. I hope they go on to do big and great things because they have a phenomenal sound. I’ve never been one to shy away from telling you which songs are good for getting down and dirty, and this is one of them. Ladies, don’t be afraid to put on a show if this song happens to make you feel that way, throw the hair around and wiggle the hips, let the good rhythm be your guide. 

Track three, Night, is punk rock to the core. It hits that vintage punk sound and really sticks with you all day long, prepare for a foot tapping experience. It may even cause you to get up and shake. It’s almost supernatural in the sense that he’s singing about what I gather is a werewolf, staring at him, with big hungry eyes. It chills me to the bone when you hear the husky voice between vocals; it causes an urge to dance away the fever caused by this catchy song.

When you’re ready to hear more there are options online or try your local CD store.

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